Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Facebook Status updates about Food, glorious Food.

____ thinks that if I could build a house out of Oreo Cakesters, I'd be homeless in a day.
____ Food. Come to me.
____ Random thought: you can't spell "nachos" without "chaos."
____ Guns don't kill people. Peanuts kill people.
____ is thinking about doughnuts. But, now, so are you.
____ hates smart-ass fortune cookies.
____ If you ever offer me a cookie and I turn it down, shoot me in the head because an alien is wearing me as a meat suit.
____ I don't need cocoa puffs to be Cuckoo.
____ thinks that more foods should be probably be available in "nugget" form.
____ doesn't feel ashamed enough after just 2 Twix bars. I think they should probably add a third to the package, for good measure.
____ doesn't hate really expensive Starbucks lattés... I haté them.
____ thinks there are no problems in my life that cannot be solved with copious amounts of cake and ice cream.