Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello. How are you? Good, good. Oh, you're just here for some new Facebook Status updates? Fine!

____ needs someone to help me relieve my conscience.
____ is only updating my status because my legions of fans expect me to.
____ thinks rice is a good option if you feel like eating 3000 of something.
Also food:
____ You never know what I have up my sleeve. Today, for instance, it was a goldfish cracker.
Deep thoughts/Big words:
____ wants to know if you ever fall asleep reading Wiki and wake up feeling totally disambiguated?
Medical observations:
____ thinks if the medical profession really wanted to be dicks, they would add a new letter to ADHD every year.
____ Wit, n.: The art of subtly steering a conversation in the direction of the hilarious pun you came up with 3 weeks ago.
Uncategorizable/with regards to funk:
____ isn't one to bring the funk, but perhaps I shall rent the funk for a day.
Big words:
____ thinks my ennui is at all all-time whatever.
More big words, this time regarding footwear:
____ thinks Uggs are the onomatopoeia of footwear.

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