Monday, February 1, 2010

Hola! Mi status updates es su status updates...steal away!

Mind-reading cons:
____ would never want to be able to read people's minds. Think of all the Mariah Carey songs I'd have to rummage through to get their bank account information.
Icky deep thought:
____ thinks that if plungers could talk, you wouldn't own one.
____ wants to know why in the hell wine has so many calories? It's just grapes.
____ loves how reading dating profiles gives so much insight into a person's past lovers, like "NO CHEATERS" or listing meth as a deal breaker.
Politics/Television shows about plane crashes:
____ really feels sorry for the people on the show LOST. They still have four more years of Bush to deal with.
____ wants you to imagine that I have a big smile on my face. Also, for the hell of it, put me in a top hat.