Friday, March 12, 2010

"FAN FRIDAY" Facebook Status Update submissions, 3/12/10:

I can't believe how quickly this week has's FAN FRIDAY! I am stunned with the emails I received this week. Damn, my readers are funny! See for yourself:

Katie Grainger sent me a ton of updates (thanks!!), here's a small sampling:
____'s OCD brings all the boys to the yard...and arranges them by age, then height...
____ keeps a fake journal claiming she's done monumental stuff, so if she ever develops amnesia, she's gonna think she's freakin' AWESOME!
____ thinks that giving up drinking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it hundreds of times.
____ isn't drinking any more....but then I'm not drinking any less either.

Andy Harp, I thank you for your contribution of funny stuff this week:
____ just played his status backwards... and thinks he heard a hidden message: !001$ ydnA evig...dneirf ruoy si ydnA...001$ ydnA evig...001$ ydnA eviG.
____ is addicted to nasal spray. Why I can't it contain nicotine so I can at least have something to do at smoke break?
____ people ask me why I laugh all the time - why I think everything is funny. Well, it's not that funny... I am just practicing being high....
____ Dear Monday: I want to break up. I am seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sorry. It's not me -- it's you.
____ Dear Monday: I'm sorry... will you come back to me? We had so much left to do!

...and a few more:
____ just ate a $150 pizza. $10 for the pizza and $140 for the jeans I can't wear anymore. (thanks, Sarah Vogel)
____  has a question for Salt N' Pepa. What if I don't want to push it real good? Did you ever think of that? (thanks, Brian Manfield)
____ prefers the term "lonely media." "Social" makes it sound like you're, you know, talking to someone. When, in fact, you're totally alone. (thanks, Adam Clarke)
____ loves the concept of summer school. You know that subject you couldn't grasp in nine months? We're going to whip it out in six weeks! (thanks, Marissa Trell)

Thanks, everybody!

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