Friday, March 5, 2010

"FAN FRIDAY" Facebook Status Updates, 3/05/10:

It's FAN FRIDAY, everyone! The first five status updates were sent by Carolyn Sheppard Lewis. Thank you, Carolyn! You made me happy.
____ is wondering if we really need warnings that the lead in paint will kill you? Keep in mind, these people have already made a conscious decision to CONSUME PAINT.
____ thinks it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it's a new game, "Find the Eye"!
____ Did you ever never know where to look when eating a banana?
____ is wondering why you see dead spiders in spider webs. You'd think they would know better.
____ just made you read my status for nothing. It's great being in control. Who's my bitch? You're my bitch! Now go back to whatever you were doing until I need you again!

The next two are some funny topical status updates from Jeremy Shaw. Thanks, Jeremy!
____ hopes that someone else appreciates the irony in Toyota's slogan "Moving Forward."(You know, because the brakes are faulty)
____ thinks Toyota's slogan should be "Moving Forward, even when you don't want to."

Two more, for good measure, and because my fans are beyond compare...
____ never takes a day off work because then they'd know how much they don't need me. (thanks, Jim Raspin)
____ thinks they should go back and rename the first Final Fantasy game "First of a Neverending Library of Fantasies." (thanks, Phil Greystone)

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