Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey everybody. Here are some hilarious status updates to rob me of today. Go ahead! Pretend they're yours. Like I care:

Morning sucks/Not being a morning person:
____ needs a better reason to get up than "because it's morning."
On making mistakes:
____ can't undo my mistakes. All I can do is make more mistakes and hope the original one gets diluted.
Keep 'em guessing:
____ (Insert passively aggressive sigh here).
Deep thoughts, "dancing" edition:
____ thinks if you're sufficiently bored, all music is dance music.
____ just read that Alice in Wonderland is rated PG due in part to 'a smoking caterpillar.' I, for one, am so sick of movies glamorizing caterpillars. (Thanks, Tim Siedell)
Random hygeine funny:
____ cleanliness is next to godliness on the list of things I'm not interested in today.