Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March collection of the funniest Facebook Status updates from my Facebook Fan Page, Part 1:

School/work sucks:
____ has hit the Escape key repeatedly, and is still stuck in this damned office/class. Send help.
____ thinks some people have all the luck. They're called "cheaters."
Weekend plans:
____ My plans for this weekend are so top secret even I don't know what they are.
Beer riddle:
____ is drinking something. I'll give you a hint: It starts with a B and rhymes with “fear.”
Positive thinking:
____ Good Morning...and Good Luck.
____ thinks Facebook is proof that we're all exhibitionists.
____ thinks that the Facebook notification SHOULD say, "____ has been tagged in an old photo that he/she wishes had been lost forever."
____ really needs to hit the treadmill tonight after eating so poorly today and yesterday and the last 25 years.
Not having a job:
____ is only unemployed so I can be sure you don't love me for my money.
My time is valuable:
____ just accidentally sat through the commercials of a show recorded on my DVR. Every time I do that, a part of me dies.
Apple's new product:
____ has some very good inside information about Apple's next product: I will not be able to afford it.
____ Don't you hate it when nobody can identify with what you're complaining about? No? Oh, well.