Friday, March 19, 2010

My fans have come up with some pretty hilarious Facebook Status updates this week:

____ My 7-year-old keeps announcing whatever it is he's about to do. I had to break the news to him that only grownups on social media networks get to do that. (thanks, Kris Hart)
Phone books are useless:
____ got my new phone book today. Maybe I can use it to look up a place to fix my portable cassette player. ( thanks, Patrick Schroeder)
Guaranteed to get a comment or two:
____ is awake. What are you doing? (thanks, Amy Edmond)
Anger/Annoying people:
____ doesn't think you understand how far up the hell you need to shut it. (thanks, Spike Lane)

Shelly in South Africa sent several this week. Funny stuff...thanks!
____ is not BIPOLAR - I don't even like bears.
____ is operating on the outskirts of insanity.
____ is tied up at the moment. Seriously, can someone help me untie all these knots?
____ is not stalking you. By the way, you are out of sugar.

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