Friday, April 9, 2010

Fan Friday: The best Facebook Status updates from my readers this week:

I want to thank everyone who continues to send me hilarious and witty Facebook Status updates! I had emails from all over the world this week. Reading daily emails from my readers has brought me an unexpected amount of entertainment! I enjoy them all, but sadly, can only publish a handful. Keep them coming! Here are a few I enjoyed this week!

____ thinks that anybody who tries to get between me and my work has a good chance of, um, succeeding.(thanks, Damon Bradford!)
____ declairs tooday too bee Typo Twosday. (thanks, Taj Nilesh!)
Facebook pros/cons:
____ would like to thank Facebook for reacquainting me not just with old friends but also with people I never liked much in the past and for reminding me why in the present. (thanks, Leah!)
Rough day:
____ really needs a (̅_̅_̅_̅(̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅̅_̅()ڪے~ ~ (thanks, Kevin DC Nguyen!)
He REALLY hates Farmville:
____ is spreading fumigants methyl bromide and metam sodium on YOUR Farmville, so stop sending me requests, dammit! (thanks, Damian Omar Plaza!)
The TV show, "LOST":
____ thinks "LOST" is a good title for the show, because i feel lost every time i see it. (thanks, Konstantinos Karlis!)
The TV show, "Hoarders":
____ is watching "Hoarders." I love those sloppy bastards. (thanks, Jan Dona!)
Positive thinking:
____ is a cynical optimist. I expect the best; I’m just never surprised when I don’t find it. (thanks again, Jan!)
Facebook stalking can be complicated:
____ is exceptionally frustrated! How can i creep your Facebook page when I have to wade through your farm, mafia, daily luck, horoscope, quiz results, lover/friend of the day, cafe world, and everything of which you've now become a fan?! Make it easy on me people!!!! (thanks, Allison Jones!)

Do you have a funny status update you'd like to share with the world (or, at least, the people of the world that read this particular blog)? Do you have a hilarious quote you'd like to share? Please, don't be selfish, people! Send them to me at