Wednesday, April 7, 2010

These Facebook status updates may or may not make you appear amusing, fanciful, enchanting and quick-witted:

Parents on Facebook:
____ thinks its all fun and games till your mom gets a Facebook account.
Fair question:
____ is wondering how long I have to be ignorant before I start experiencing bliss?
____ can't really volunteer right now, I'm too busy working on being less self-centered.
The Internet:
____ thinks the best thing about the Internet is how quickly you can offend the maximum amount of people with minimum effort.
Random thought:
____ Did anybody ever end up getting Jay-Z a what what? I think he also asked for a woop woop.(Jordan Rubin)
____ has noticed that there are no I's in the phrase "Shut up." There are a few U's, though. Just saying.

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