Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Facebook Status updates, 5/19/10

Random observations to share with your friends:
____ thinks that starting a sentence with "I don't want to sound creepy" doesn't de-creepify the rest of the sentence. (Joe Bizness)
____  thinks that, while it's true that more is not necessarily better, it frequently is.
____ has high hopes for today, and I think that makes me a sucker.
Work stinks:
____ thinks that agreeing to do my job is kind of like signing up to get punched in the face (repeatedly) with small breaks for really awesome ice cream.
____ thinks our society failed the day they started putting Braille on drive-through ATMs. (Imperial Pale Ale)
Flying is expensive:
____ if the airlines start charging for EMOTIONAL baggage, I'm in big trouble.

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