Monday, May 3, 2010

New and Funny Facebook Status updates, 5/3/10:

Facebook Status update about MOTIVATION:
____ thinks it feels SO GOOD to get things accomplished. Or at least I imagine it does. Do something and tell me what it's like. (Snark Toast)
Sarcastic Facebook Status update:
____ thinks the first step is admitting that you're a problem.
Grammar is important:
____ In honor of Grammar Day: Boss me you're not the of!  
Facebook Status update about "The good 'ol days":
____ remembers a day when the prizes in cereal boxes were GOOD.
Facebook Status update about a rough night/weekend:
____ Dear Liver, Please Forgive Me.
____ call me immature ONE more time, and you'll no longer be invited to help me build a kick-butt couch cushion fort.
Time travel:
____ thinks if time travel were possible, my future self would have shown up to slap some sense into me by now. (Jerry Thomas)

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