Monday, July 19, 2010

New funny Facebook Status updates, 7/19/10:

Facebook Status update about Facebook:
____ wants you to know that this Facebook Status update is doing its small part in our collective effort to kill the art of letter writing.
____ thinks that this coffee is tall, strong and bitter. Just like me. If I worked out, I mean.
____ is kind of surprised I'm not an action figure by now.
____ thinks that every now and then, I wish it was then instead of now.
____ thinks that alcohol is never the answer......unless the question is, "What is C2H5OH?"
Fan updates:
____ wonders how the hearing-impaired know when their popcorn is finished popping. (thanks, Kirk from St. Louis!)
____  If you're OCD and you know it, wash your hands. (thanks, David Moore!)
____ is just a typical stay-at-home dad. Except I don't do housework or have a wife or any kids. (thanks, Sam Hopkins!)
Wise Quote:
____ "Facebook is launching a panic button to report inappropriate behavior. Maybe I should get ahead of the curve & turn myself in voluntarily?" (John Melhorn, from my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE)

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