Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some of my favorite funny Facebook Status updates about FACEBOOK:

____Irony is people complaining about Facebook's privacy settings when every other update is about their weekly visit to their gynecologist. (original post HERE)
____ Whenever you feel lost and lonely, just remember that I'm probably close by stalking you on Facebook. (original post HERE)
____ should pay a psychiatrist to follow me on Facebook. Then we can skip the therapy sessions and he can just send me the appropriate pills based on my status updates. (original post HERE)
____ Facebook: A place where all your past mistakes will eventually try to befriend you. (original post HERE)
____ thinks that if you took a Facebook IQ Test and it determined you’re a Genius, the fact that you participated in a Facebook test negates the results. (original post HERE)
____ likes Facebook because I can say whatever I want about anyone as long as it's carefully worded so you can't tell that I'm talking about you, Rebecca. (original post HERE)
____ Facebook: It's like a party, but you don't have to wait your turn to speak. (original post HERE)
____ As of today, Facebook staff will be allowed to eat your children, pets, and elderly. To turn this option off, go to Settings, then Privacy, then Employee Meals. Click the top button to not feed the employees of Facebook anything, or Google will send your address to them so they can find your house. (thanks, Josh@killspeidi.blogspot.com!)

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