Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Facebook Status updates, 8/19/10:

Facebook Status updates about Facebook:
____ You know people who say they don't want to be on Facebook because they don't want to read what people are having for lunch? Screw them, I'm eating a sandwich. (from my FB Fan Page)
____ thinks that Facebook is the compost heap for my brain.
____ thinks that Facebook saved me from a terrifying keeping-my-thoughts-to-myself addiction. (from my FB Fan Page)
Modesty is awesome:
____ was about to do something awesome, again, but I told myself, "Enough is enough! That's plenty of awesome for one day." (Ryan Collins)
Life Lessons:
____ is beginning to think that the key to happiness is to learn to like the things you hate.
Bad day:
____ It's not even 10 o'clock and I've already used up all my "give a crap" for the day.
Thou Shalt Not Steal:
____ thinks my neighbor just caught me stealing his Wi-Fi internet connec
____ thinks that the current news of a wheat shortage doesn't concern me, as Jack Daniels is made from corn. (from my FB Fan Page)
____ thinks that the best part of being a grown-up is how I can call this Bloody Mary a meal. (from my FB Fan Page)

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