Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Facebook Status updates, 10/16/10:

Facebook Status updates about Facebook:
____ just read a Facebook status update that was so confusing, I had no idea what they meant. Then I realized it was mine.
____ When I'm dead, these Facebook Status updates will be worth twice as much.
____ was sitting, doing nothing and realized that I could be on Facebook, sitting and doing nothing too. So here I am. (from my FB Fan Page)
____ As a Social Networking Expert, I have evaluated your Facebook activity and your status updates. My conclusion: You're all crazy. (from my FB Fan Page)
Deep thoughts:
____ Life experiences are like quarters, you lose both when you are sitting around on the couch.
____ heard that people who talk to themselves tend to be extremely smart. Did you know that? Yes, I did know that.
____ cannot be held responsible for anything you may have told me before I had my coffee. (from my FB Fan Page)
Want comments?
____ is conducting a Facebook alcohol survey. "Like" this status if you are in the mood for an alcoholic beverage... (thanks, Keith Wells!)
Drinking/making mistakes:
____ guesses that it's time to roll up my sleeves and begin drinking. These life-changing mistakes aren't going to make themselves, people!
____ Therapists charge a ton of money to diagnose neuroses. Friends do it at no charge. (from my FB Fan Page)