Thursday, November 18, 2010

A few new FACEBOOK status updates, 11/18/10:

____ Some things time cannot erase. That's why alcohol exists. (from my Facebook Fan Page)
____ If a tree fell in the woods and knocked over my beer, I'd be pissed whether I heard it or not.
Bad day?
____ is living the dream! Unfortunately, I think it's the bad one where I come to school with no pants on.
Growing up (or not):
____ The older I get, the more I desperately cling to my immaturity.
Other drivers:
____ Driving schools: Failing to teach people how to properly merge since the beginning of time. (from my Facebook Fan Page)
____ the people who complain about the way the ball bounces usually dropped it.
Words of wisdom:
____ Always use tasteful words because you may have to eat them.
____ Nothing ruins a perfectly pleasant day like going to work. (from my Facebook Fan Page)
Boring day?
____ thinks that the most fearless thing I did today was take a sip of my coffee without checking to see if it was too hot.