Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Facebook Status updates, 3/23/11:

Facebook Status update about Facebook:
____ When people tell me I can't do something, I prove them wrong by complaining about it on Facebook.
Bad choices:
____ apparently has good taste in poor decision making.
____ hates it when I can feel the stupidity seeping out of my mouth but can't put a lid on it.
Work stinks:
____ may have miscalculated my ability to enjoy my job.
____ Some people say that all of my dreams will come true if I work hard enough. What if my dream is to not work hard?
____ Pride, commitment, teamwork--words they use to get you to work for free.
____ What this day needs is more witty banter.
____ is trying to understand why people have different opinons than I do.
Suck it, winter:
____ Winter: It's like the crazy murderer in a horror movie. Just when you think it's dead, it strikes one last time.

I'd like to say a special THANK YOU to one of my favorite "fans" on Facebook, NOB ODY. Thanks for all of the status updates on my FAN PAGE. If I made any money doing this blog, I'd send you some. How about a nice pat on the back instead? Here are a few of my favorites that NOB ODY has posted:
____ was drinking at the bar, so I took a bus home. That may not be a big deal to you, but I've never driven a bus before.
____ "Advice for the Day: Relationships are like farting, if you push too hard, things could get messy real fast."
____ If we all don't die on December 21, 2012, I have a feeling there will be a lot of babies born on September 20th, 2013.
____ Through my bank, I can text them & they will text me back my balance. I could do without the LOL at the end of it though.
____ wishes there was a place I could go to collect all the wonderful things people are giving up for Lent.
____ Some people who copy and paste jokes from other's status messages are idiots… A few seconds ago • Like • Comment

Keep the status updates coming, and thanks for visiting my blog! If I made you smile, even for a second, I've done my job.