Thursday, March 3, 2011


Facebook status updates about Facebook:
____ needs a Facebook friend named Hontas, so I can "poke" a Hontas. (posted on my FAN PAGE by Donna Young)
____ wishes that some people would at least clean up their bathroom before they take their profile picture.
Facebook status updates about SCHOOL:
____ What this class needs is a mute button.
____ You can tell how well someone has studied by how well they are protecting their test paper. (thanks, Samantha Cooper!)
____ Someone needs to uninvent the internet so I can get some stuff done. (from my FACEBOOK PAGE)
____ Just when I think I couldn't possibly be any lazier, I surprise myself.
____ If someone says "I'll get back to you," it apparently means "I'm going to forget we had this conversation."
____ Whenever I say, "I don't mean that in a bad way", I usually do. (from my FACEBOOK PAGE)
Stupid people:
____ If people insist on acting like an idiot, I must insist on treating them like one. (posted by Dillon Vantine on my FAN PAGE)

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