Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Facebook Status updates, 4/04/11:

Facebook Status updates about Facebook:
____ Facebook gives me a chance to have meaningful conversations with my friends. Only when there's an awkward silence, I can walk away and go make myself a snack.
____ Some parts of the world use Facebook to overthrow evil dictators. Me? I just want you all to know how delicious my sandwich is.
____ thinks that this shameless self-promotion on Facebook has gotten out of control. BTW: I am awesome.
____ If you have to wake me up to ask to borrow something, the answer is no.
Bad Decisions:
____ Any story you tell about something you did the night before, that starts with the word "apparently," is probably awesome.
____ was completely offended, but then you said "no offense," so now everything's cool.
____ wants to be there when Google takes the street view picture of my address. The possibilities are endless.

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