Monday, June 27, 2011

New Facebook Status updates, 6/27/11:

People are strange:
____ So many weirdos on Facebook, so little time...
Monday sucks:
____ Hey, Monday morning, stop being such a bastard.
Facebook Status updates about Facebook:
____ just arrived at my high school reunion, you guys! Just kidding, I logged into Facebook. Same thing.
____ likes Facebook drama because it's fun to piece it together like some screwed-up Memento puzzle.
____ What's your favorite oxymoron? Mine is "Facebook Privacy". (thanks, Rory)
____ You want confessions? Lock a person in a room with a laptop, a Facebook account and a bottle of booze.
Vicious circle:
____ never wants to go to bed, yet I never want to wake up in the morning. Why can't my "late night" self make some kind of compromise with my "early morning have-to-go-to work" self?
____ is of the opinion that when everyone at the bar knows who you are, it's time to move on.
Annoying technology:
____ Would like to join you, but I'm busy installing Adobe updates. Forever.
Bad day?
____ Today it feels like the world is my oyster!!! I can't stand oysters. :(
____ my dog is gonna be freaking homeless unless he comes up with something funny to post on You Tube. Soon.
Kids are expensive:
____ My kids LOVE to eat. Like, everyday.

Some of these I wrote specifically for my blog, and the others I wrote for my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, which I do daily (whether I want to or not). Do you want to see them before I post them here? Do you want to read status updates posted by my entertaining, eccentric and completely out-of-line readers daily? Do I really need to beg you to BECOME A FAN? Because I don't like to's not becoming of me.