Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A few NEW handcrafted Facebook Status updates about FACEBOOK:

____ thinks that it's disgusting how Facebook is all about jumping onto bandwagons without any true commitment. Post this as your Facebook status if you agree.
____ Opinions are like Facebook accounts. Everybody has one, and everyone thinks theirs is the most interesting.
____ will stay on Facebook right until my phone dies. That's how I know it's been enough for one day.
____ If I ever get a Jury Summons, I figure I can just send them a link to my Facebook profile to get out of it.
____ Before Facebook, if I read something really funny I would laugh. Now I just click the "Like" button without changing my facial expression at all. (FAN PAGE)
____ My friend left his computer on and now he has 3000 friends and a new Facebook Page called "We know what Willis was talking about."
____ If I send you a text and you don't respond, and then I see you update Facebook at the same time, you're dead to me.
____ If you aren't attracted to someone's Facebook profile picture, move on. That just might be the best picture of them on the planet. (FAN PAGE)
____ just found a website that lists ways to get incredibly drunk. See you in a few days, Facebook!
____ Things are so weird in my life that my profile picture should just be a raised eyebrow.
____ If Facebook had a "dislike" button, I'd never leave my house. (FAN PAGE)