Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Facebook Status updates about Facebook:
____ My wife sent me a Facebook invitation to "Take out The Trash" tonight at 7pm. Sounds lame. NOT ATTENDING!
____ is updating my Facebook status in the car. No worries, I'm in the passenger seat! Which makes it more difficult to drive, but it fools the cops.
Mondays suck:
____ "Sh*t. It's Monday." -All of us
"Unfriending" on Facebook:
____ When someone unfriends me, I just assume that they have a low tolerance for awesome.
____ Every time one of you writes about the evils of Face-booking and driving, one of us is reading it and crashing. :(
____ Some status updates need a "This is why I unfriended you" button.
____ feels pretty good about exercising today even though all I did was walk to the bar.
____ My kids are so much more adorable when they shut the hell up.
Dr. Seuss:
____ Dr. Seuss would have had the best Facebook Status updates, I bet.
____ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Also, monsters. And the plague. And rapists. But that's it. (from my FAN PAGE)
____ I haven't even started them and I already want to quit my next two jobs.
____ It's a real shame that you can't "un-have-sex" with somebody. (from my FAN PAGE)

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