Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Would you like to know what a few of the best, most random MSIB status updates were, on this date, November 11th (2011-2014)? You're in luck!

-I've just eaten* sixteen bunches of grapes**
*drunk **bottles of wine (Danny Coleiro)

- Why do I get the feeling that a lot of you are using Facebook as a substitution for prescription meds? (MY STATUS IS BADDEST)

- Life is filled with people who either take too much medication or not enough. (Julie Ann)

- I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll smoke your joint down... ~ Big bad stoner wolf, probably (Tim TheStache)

- I only tip cows if their service is outstanding. (Jack Olivar)

- Does it make you uncomfortable that I wear your profile pic in a locket around my neck? (Toni Daniels)

-I have never lowered a pair of mini-blinds evenly, not even one time...How the hell do they expect me to raise these children? (Lee Greenspan)

- I don't think first three letters in diet are accidental. (Mike Seriously)

- Don't you hate it when the person you're Facebook-stalking never updates anything? (Tom William)

- Good Morning: You, my friends are the reason I wake up every morning ♥ LOL JK, I have to pee. (Julie Ann)

- Alright. Everybody calm down and quit panicking. I have a ham. (Dorraj Koob)

- Keep scrolling, I got nothin. (Les Chinyanga)

- I hate it when I'm taking a shower and the door opens and they're all "Get out of my house!" (Jodi Ann)

- I hate that awkward moment when you see a 3rd grader with a better phone than you. (Chris Batchelor)

- I hope that Jessica Biel has a son someday and names him Batmo. (Angie Granheim)

- I think if a movie is ever made about my life a good title for it would be, "Yes, it's a mustard stain. So?" (Donny Norris)

- I wish someone would write a movie about my life. I think "Pretty In Mayonnaise" would be a good title. (SamGirl Sunday)

- Today was one of those days where, if I had Tourette's, no one would've noticed the difference. (Danny Coleiro)

- I'm so glad none of my friends are smart enough to find this page! (Alicia Smith)

- I don't mean to be negative but - (SamGirl Sunday)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The BEST Facebook status updates from November 10th:

I've compiled a few status updates that were shared on my FACEBOOK PAGE, on this date, November 10th (2011-2014). By "a few", I mean 30. What can I say? You people are funny.

- My kids don't have Facebook, so I will never know when their birthdays are. (Todd Landon Wildig)

- Hey, drunk! I'm Facebook friends! (MY STATUS IS BADDEST)

- I fold down my laptop screen very slowly at night so I don't squish you guys. (Harley Quinn)

- I am more excited to see my suitcase come down the luggage carousel at an airport than I am to see most people. (Karanbir Singh Tinna)

- I just drew a jelly smile on my toast with a squeeze bottle but I still don't believe it is happy. (Donny Norris)

- It's amazing how many opinions you can form about a person based on the way they drive. (Mike Seriously)

- Women seem to want security. At least that's what they yell whenever I approach them. (Steven Nibur)

- I like to start conversations with "zymurgy", so that if it becomes an argument I can be 100% certain that I've already had the last word. (Danny Coleiro)

- If you write "Happy Birthday" on someone's Facebook wall with no exclamation mark, I'm afraid you have no soul. (MY STATUS IS BADDEST)

- Skdjhsf*kjhc7^kjshcgs ~someone ROFL and still typing, probably. (Adam Apple)

- Okay fellas', let's get this sh*t rollin'!~ dung beetle (Tim TheStache)

- I just wiped a tear from my cheek. Or maybe it was pee. (Lisa James)

- Just finished buying all my 11-11-11 decorations. (Mike Seriously)

- I suggested to my coworker that we meet in the break room and play a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who has to stay late to work on a project today. He showed up unarmed so either he is about to forfeit or he misunderstood me but I'm about to stab him anyways. (Donny Norris)

- If you've never filled your guinea pig's water bottle with alcohol, your guinea pig is probably still alive. frown emoticon (Jack Olivar)

- I just open-hand slapped a dude, but it's cool, he was wearing Crocs. (William Hale)

- 10:54am and I'm already naked and wearing a cowbell. (Cait Marley)

-Sometimes it's just easier to cover the problem's mouth with a rag until it stops moving. (Toni Daniels)

- *nodding head* Oh, I understand now! ~ me not understanding anything that you're saying (Tim TheStache)

- Just because someone says mean things to you and acts like they're better than you, that's no reason to be rude back to me. (William Hale)

- If I were a sex symbol it would probably be the "less than" symbol. :< (Mike Seriously)

- The awkward moment when you’re trying to get over someone you never even dated. (Shafique Khatri)

- I love all my Facebook friends ..except for you #, sir are an a$$hole. (Dennis Cox)

- NO ONE RSVP'D TO MY 11-11-11 PARTY!!!! (Mike Seriously)

- 8,190 MSIB fans, WOW. Seems like only yesterday it was 8,178. (Tim Beavin)

- I'm filming a compelling new series about the ongoing struggle women have with freezing cold feet. It's a sockumentary. (Toni Daniels)

- I should be able to park in an “expecting mother” parking space if am waiting for my mom, right? (Ben Iz Bshop)

- When I get multiple friend requests on MySpace, my pager goes crazy. (Jennifer Holmes Hallman)

- Nothing makes me more nervous than receiving a FB notification after the weekend that says, “You have been tagged in a photo". (Shafique Khatri)

10. If you thought this was leading up to something good, well that's life. (Donny Norris)

Also, a bonus meme:

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